Increase Distribution

In the fall of 2019 we were contacted by a dentist affiliated with a major DSO. After months of negotiation we purchased the practice, releasing the dentist from the corporation. Despite being a competent dentist, the clinic lacked systems and training for the office staff. Collections in particular were suffering. This doctor was making a good salary but the office was not show- ing a profit. The office closed in March and April 2020 due to COVID-19 and it took several months before the office was back on track. Despite a difficult year, profitability increased each month even when collections dipped. In addition to a growing salary*, this dentist is now taking home a sizable quarterly distribution** as the practice continues to grow.

*Dentist Monthly Salary (Average): $15k (Q1), $14k (Q2 - Covid), $24k (Q3), $28k (Q4)

**Dentist Quarterly Distribution: $1,200 (Q1), $1,400 (Q2), $15,600 (Q3), $27,252 (Q4)

											 Case study graph C