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After practicing for seven years, I have come to truly appreciate the DSO model Rubicon has established. I have learned just how much of a headache HR can be, between hiring and firing, drama in the office, etc. Rubicon does all the dirty work for me. I can focus on my patients and bettering myself and my skills. I never have to worry about credentialing, posting insurance payments, or chasing down money. Rubicon has a great staff that trains all office personnel, as well as the staff in the corporate office that answers my questions, watches out for any discrepancies, and has a system in place to avoid, and if needed fix mistakes.

David Sterzer, DDS

Midtown Dental

Rubicon handles all the business aspects of dentistry and still compensates me well for my work. The doctors I work with have been extremely good mentors and are always willing to look over my shoulder for some pointers or a second opinion. Rubicon has been a phenomenal place to begin my career as a dentist and I am very interested in their partnership/ownership program that will allow me to have more involvement in my own office. Everything has been very smooth and has allowed me to work on my skills as a dentist this first year.”

Kenton Smith, DMD

Remington Family Dental

After practicing dentistry in public health for five years, and then purchasing and running my own practice for another seven, I joined Rubicon. Rubicon was designed to take the pressures and problems away from the practicing dentist. Insurance negotiations, significant supply and equipment cost discounts, and very knowledgeable personnel just an email or phone call away have helped relieve me of many of the managing tasks and focus on the patients, my spouse and spend more time playing and relaxing.

Kelly Reynolds, DDS

Rock Creek Dental

I love my practice and am doing what I love to do. Rubicon has been good for me. I love treating patients but there are many aspects of running an office that I either don’t enjoy or don’t have time for. With Rubicon, I have the benefits of practice ownership, while receiving guidance along the way. Patients don’t know about Rubicon. My practice has it’s own name so I get the benefits of the group without the corporate feel. I get to take advantage of higher insurance reimbursements along with other resources I wouldn’t be able to support on my own.

Josh Muir, DDS

Montana Center for Implants and Dentures